Workshop on

SALT among the constellations
of very large telescopes

Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
7-9 June, 2017

Registered participants

  1. Al-Sadooni, Ameerah (Keele University):
    "Quantifying the impact of the ionized outflows on the ambient interstellar medium in two nearby spiral galaxies: NGC 4945 and NGC 300" Show abstract
  2. Aydi, Elias (South African Astronomical Observatory and University of Cape Town):
    "SALT spectroscopic follow-ups of Classical Novae" Show abstract
  3. Bankowicz, Małgorzata (Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University):
    "Properties and environments of [Ultra] Luminous Infrared Galaxy candidates around the southern ecliptic pole" Show abstract
  4. Beri, Aru (University of Southampton):
    "Post-flare Formation of the Accretion Stream and a Dip in Pulse Profiles of LMC X--4" Show abstract
  5. Buckley, David (SAAO):
    "The SALT Large Program on Transients" Show abstract
  6. Chaboyer, Brian (Dartmouth College):
    "Abundance Analysis of the Globular Cluster NGC 6681" Show abstract
  7. Charles, Phil (University of Southampton):
    "Transient X-ray binaries observed with SALT" Show abstract
  8. Crause, Lisa (SAAO)
  9. Crawford, Steve (SAAO):
    "Extragalactic transients with SALT" Show abstract
  10. Drahus, Michał (Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University):
    "Unveiling the recent history of asteroid disruptions with SALTICAM" Show abstract
  11. Drozd, Katarzyna (CAMK):
    "TBA" Show abstract
  12. Gallagher, Jay (University of Wisconsin-Madison):
    "Gas Kinematics and Star Formation in the Wing of the SMC" Show abstract
  13. Gałan, Cezary (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, PAS,Warsaw):
    "On the evolution and interactions in symbiotic binaries from chemical composition analysis" Show abstract
  14. Goyal, Arti (Astronomical observatory of the Jagiellonian University):
    "Simultaneous optical flux, colour and polarization intra-night variability monitoring of blazars" Show abstract
  15. Gromadzki, Mariusz (Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory)
  16. Gupta, Neeraj (IUCAA):
    "Infrared color selected sample of high-z quasars for MALS" Show abstract
  17. Gvaramadze, Vasilii (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University):
    "SALT spectroscopy of stars with mid-infrared nebulae" Show abstract
  18. Hamanowicz, Aleksandra (Astronomical Observatory of University of Warsaw):
    "Nuclear transient form OGLE and Gaia with SALT" Show abstract
  19. Herzig, Aleksander (Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University):
    "[U]LIRG properties with different dust emission models" Show abstract
  20. Hughes, Jack (Rutgers University):
    "Searching for the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters" Show abstract
  21. Iłkiewicz, Krystian (CAMK):
    "Studying symbiotic stars in the Magellanic Clouds with SALT" Show abstract
  22. Islam, Nazma (CAMK):
    "SALT observation of the X-ray binary 4U 1700-37" Show abstract
  23. Ivison, Rob (ESO):
    "Facilities and developments at ESO" Show abstract
  24. Jeffery, Simon (Armagh Observatory):
    "SALT HRS observations of chemically peculiar subdwarfs" Show abstract
  25. Enrico, Kotze (SAAO)
  26. Marissa, Kotze (SAAO/SALT)
  27. Kniazev, Alexei (SALT, SAAO):
    "Using SALT as a powerful spectral data-machine" Show abstract
  28. Mattila, Seppo (University of Turku):
    "TBA" Show abstract
  29. Mikołajewska, Joanna (N. Copernicus Astronomical Center):
    "Very old and old novae with SALT" Show abstract
  30. Miszalski, Brent (SALT/SAAO):
    "New insights into the late stages of binary stellar evolution with SALT" Show abstract
  31. Molenda-Żakowicz, Joanna (Uniwersytet Wrocławski)
  32. Monageng, Itumeleng (South African Astronomical Observatory/University of Cape Town):
    "On the relationship between disc variation and X-ray outbursts in Be/X-ray binaries" Show abstract
  33. Moździerski, Dawid (Instytut Astronomiczny UWr)
  34. Mróz, Przemek (Warsaw University Observatory):
    "OGLE and novae" Show abstract
  35. Niedzielski, Andrzej (Toruń Centre for Astronomy):
    "PennState-Toruń Planet Search" Show abstract
  36. Patat, Nando (ESO):
    "Getting time on ESO telescopes: present and future" Show abstract
  37. Potter, Stephen (South African Astronomical Observatory):
    "SALT spectro-polarimety from CVs to BLAZARS" Show abstract
  38. Raghunathan, Srianand (IUCAA):
    "Probing the gas around high-z QSOs with RSS spectroscopy" Show abstract
  39. Raman, Gayathri (Raman Research Institute):
    "Re-visiting the ultra-compact X-ray pulsar 4U 1626-67 using SALT" Show abstract
  40. Ratajczak, Milena (University of Wrocław, Poland):
    "Eclipsing binaries through the prism of SALT" Show abstract
  41. Sarna, Marek (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center PAS)
  42. Sarre, Peter (The University of Nottingham, UK):
    "Small-scale structure of the diffuse interstellar medium" Show abstract
  43. Shara, Michael (American Museum of Natural History):
    "SALT- LSST-Cataclysmic Variables" Show abstract
  44. Średzińska, Justyna (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, PAS,Warsaw):
    "Long term observations of quasars with SALT" Show abstract
  45. Tomov, Toma (Toruń Centre for Astronomy):
    "SALT Spectroscopy of WR48a reveals evolution of the optical emission of the most X-ray luminous Wolf-Rayet star in the Galaxy" Show abstract
  46. Townsend, Lee (University of Cape Town):
    "Massive X-ray binaries through the eye of SALT" Show abstract
  47. Vaisanen, Petri (SALT/SAAO):
    "SALT: current status and future" Show abstract
  48. van der Heyden, Kurt (University of Cape Town)
  49. Williams, Ted (SAAO):
    "High-Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy of Galaxies with SALT" Show abstract
  50. Wolf, Stefania (Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics, Nicolaus Copernicus University):
    "Short-term variations of Halpha and Hbeta line in RS Oph" Show abstract
  51. Woudt, Patrick (University of Cape Town):
    "MeerKAT, MeerLICHT and SALT" Show abstract
  52. Wyrzykowski, Łukasz (Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory):
    "Transient sky from Gaia and OGLE" Show abstract
  53. Żywucka-Hejzner, Natalia (Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University):
    "OGLE blazars behind Small and Large Magellanic Clouds" Show abstract